Do Your Whitening Products Cause Sensitivity?

Updated 2 years ago by Atul Shastry

Our whitening products are safe to use and carefully formulated to not cause sensitivity. You can choose from two whitening pen options: Regular Strength and Extra Strength.

Finding the right one for you depends on how fast you want to see results, and how often you'll be doing your at-home teeth whitening treatment.

If you notice increased sensitivity by using our whitening pens, we recommend reducing the length and frequency of subsequent whitening treatments as well as ending the ongoing session you have.

But what causes teeth or gum sensitivity in the first place?

Sensitivity in the teeth and gums can happen to anyone and no specific person is more prone than others. The most common symptom for sensitivity in the teeth is best described as a sudden sharp flash of pain when teeth get exposed to factors such as air, cold, sweet acidic, or hot foods.

Some people may experience sensitive teeth through flossing or brushing their teeth. According to leading experts, here are some of the factors that may contribute to sensitive teeth:

  • Brushing too hard/using a hard-bristled toothbrush
  • Gum Recession: This often happens to those suffering from periodontal disease
  • Gingivitis: Inflamed and sore gum tissue can expose the tooth’s root
  • Cracked Teeth: These can become filled with bacteria that comes from plaque leading to higher inflammation
  • Long term use of mouthwash: The acids from leading mouthwashes, when used for extended periods of time, can make existing tooth sensitivity worse and damage the dentin layer
  • Acidic Foods: Like the above, these can break down enamel
  • Dental Procedures: Root Planing, Crown Replacement, or other tooth restoration procedures

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