How Can AutoBrush Help with Adults and Kids with Disabilities

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Mouthpiece toothbrushes, like the AutoBrush, are a great solution for those who have had previous problems brushing with a normal manual or electric toothbrush. Some of the more predominant user cases we've seen for our AutoBrushes include the following groups:

  1. Individuals with Autism
  2. Elderly
  3. Individuals with limited mobility
  4. Individuals that struggle with sensory issues

Our uniquely designed toothbrush is perfect for people that struggle to hold or manipulate traditional toothbrushes. The AutoBrush's wide base makes holding the brush simpler and the brush's 360° mouthpiece allows for a faster and more efficient clean. The AutoBrush is especially helpful to those living with a disability.

Hear real stories from real people

Hear how AutoBrush helped Ari:

Hear what Abby's mom, Emily, has to say about AutoBrush:

To learn more about how AutoBrush helps those with disabilities, click here.

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