How do I remove the nylon brush head from my unit?

Updated 2 years ago by Christopher Lander

Removing the brush head is as simple as pulling the brush up from the bottom to remove it from the metal stem of the AutoBrush. It's important to avoid doing the following when removing your brush head:

  1. Avoid Pulling from the Silicone Wrap: Pulling from the silicone overwrapping can cause it to come off over time. Make sure, you're pulling the brush up from the LED light assembly instead.
  2. Don't Pull From the Top: Pulling from the top can cause the plastic piece that is an internal component of the nylon brush head to come undone and to be stuck on the metal stem and unit. If you do this, by accident, we do have some troubleshooting tips here to help you remove the plastic piece if it does get stuck onto the metal stem

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