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How do I File a Claim with Route?

Updated 10 months ago by Atul Shastry

When you purchase a product with Route Package Protection, you will get an email with your Route Order ID and a link to report an issue.

To go straight to the Report an issue form, click here.

Have questions about Route's policies? Read more here

To report an issue from your email, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your email from Route.
  2. In the email, copy your Route Order ID and then click Resolve an Issue.
  3. In the form, your email address and order number will pre-populate.
  4. Choose the issue with your order (lost, stolen, or damaged). 
  5. Add a description
  6. Click Submit


When you purchase Route Package Protection, you can report an order issue for packages that may be lost, stolen, or damaged. Read Route Package Protection Policies

All issues must be reported within 60 days of the order date.

Ensure you report an issue within the respective deadlines:

  • Damaged: Within 15 days of when the package was marked delivered
  • Lost: Within 30 days from the last tracking update
  • Stolen: Within 15 days of when the package was marked delivered


Please accurately fill out all of the required fields so we can help you as quickly as possible!

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