How does the AutoBrush Get Kids to Enjoy Brushing?

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A very common question we get at AutoBrush is regarding why do children hate brushing and how does your product help close that gap. To really delve into the reasons why, firstly we need to understand what are some of the primary reasons kids hate brushing their teeth:

  1. They're a Toddler: Kids aged between 1-3 typically are regularly active and encouraging them to brush their teeth while remaining stationary is no easy feat
  2. It Feels Weird: I mean let's face it. Nylon bristles and hard bristled automatic toothbrushes can cause of a milieu of different feelings. Since brushing is a fairly new experience for toddlers or even children, any sensations to toothbrushing such as pain, discomfort or even ticklishness is something that's fairly common for children to feel. To us, we brush our teeth everyday and don't feel that pain or added sensations. Plus, it's important to take into account sensory issues in children and recognize the differences and signs.
  3. Taste: Go figure but most kids aren't exactly fans of adult flavored toothpastes. There are several flavors out on the market that are marketed towards kids and are kid's friendly flavors. It's not unheard of to see flavors such as Strawberry, Bubblegum or even Mint Chocolate. At AutoBrush we offer two kid's friendly flavors: Strawberry and Bubblegum
  4. Increased Gag Reflex: Kids have more sensitive gag reflexes than adults. As a result, anything that goes into a child’s mouth is likely to be more uncomfortable than for an adult.
  5. Electric toothbrushes can be scary: Kids can be frightened by an electric toothbrush. They buzz, they make a lot of noise, they can tickle and feel weird on gums and teeth.
  6. Don't Understand the Importance: Young children don’t understand the importance of brushing nor the consequences for not brushing properly. They cannot visualize the whole area inside of their mouth, let alone try to reach all surface spots. Kids also lack the coordination of proper brushing

How can we make brushing fun?

  • Using Kid's Flavored Toothpastes
  • Purchase Brushes Made From Softer Materials
  • Let Your Kid Choose!
  • Make it Fun
  • Set a Timer

Or Try AutoBrush!

Some of the benefits of our AutoBrush is that:

  1. It Plays Music: This isn't a gimmick, and we've found that the music helps distract children away from the act brushing their teeth while being perfectly synced to our brushing modes. This keeps them focused on something more pleasant than brushing their teeth.
  2. Kid Flavored Toothpastes: We offer Strawberry and Bubblegum!
  3. Soft Bristles: Our bristles are made from nylon and are soft against the mouth. It is particularly helpful for those with sensory disorders or those that don't like the feeling and sensation of brushing their teeth with a manual or electric toothbrush
  4. Encourages Independence: More often than not, we're receiving testimonials from parents who are excited about AutoBrush, because it encourages their children to independently brush their teeth. Simply put, AutoBrush makes brushing your teeth more fun and engaging while encouraging consistent brushing habits.

You can check out our Kid's Products here

"My 3 year old hates brushing her teeth! Every session is like a WWE wrestling match ( she’s very limber and much stronger than she looks! Lmao). We’ve used every method we could think of ( wrapping her in a towel, holding her down, etc.) and it’s so traumatic for her. I’ve been showing her pictures and videos of children her age with the Autobrush, to show her that it’s fun and not scary to brush her teeth. She was immediately interested, and I went ahead and put in my order! We ordered Lenny the Lion ( which she renamed “Alex”, due to the movie “Madagascar”; and the strawberry flavored toothpaste. It took us a few days to really warm up to it, but there’s no more screaming, crying, wrestling... You’ve helped our daily routine become so easy, enjoyable, and we no longer have anxiety about her oral health! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Carolyn M

“My son finally brushes his teeth without a fight!! We’ve had to hold him down as a toddler, bribe, and ground him! He’s now 8! He does this brush just fine! More than once a day too!! And it’s cleaning his teeth so much better than when he was manually doing it himself!! Thank you!!!” Kristy Sullivan 

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