My tracking information shows that the courier attempted to deliver my order. What do I do?

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Look in your mailbox and front door handle to see if a delivery notice was left. The delivery notice will indicate what time the delivery attempt was made, and where your package is being held for a pickup.

  1. If there is no delivery notice card, this may indicate that the carrier will re-attempt another delivery the next day.
  2. If no card was left, you may visit your local post office to inquire if they’re holding your package. They can identify your package by the tracking number provided.
  3. If there was no notice left and your local post offices do not find your package, please contact the carrier for more information.
Courier Phone Numbers



Get Human Instructions



Press 0, then 0, then press 5, then 5, then 2



Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages 

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