I ordered an item that is currently out of stock. What are my options?

Due to high demand, some of our popular colors and designs may sell out quickly and be temporarily on backorder. If a set is listed as out of stock, you'll notice a "Notify Me" button. This indicates that we've run out of units in our warehouse, but don't worry – a new shipment is on the way!

We understand that waiting can be frustrating. If you've placed an order with an out-of-stock item, your entire order will be on hold until the backordered item is restocked and processed at our warehouse.

However, we have a solution! If your order is still on hold, you can choose to swap the backordered item with something that's currently in stock. This way, we can ship your order right away. To make this change, simply send an email to our friendly customer support team at customercare@autobrush.com, and they'll be happy to assist you.

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