How do I use the Teeth Whitening Kit?

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How-To Use:

Step 1: Remove the cap from your Teeth Whitening Pen and twist the base to dispense a small amount of gel onto the brush applicator. Use the brush tip of the pen to paint the whitening gel onto your teeth. Avoid getting gel on your gums or in your mouth to avoid irritation.

Step 2: Attach your Whitening Tray to the AutoBrush® body and activate dental-grade LED Blue Light.

Step 3: Insert tray in mouth and relax or do other things for at least 10 minutes while whitening your teeth. Our dental-grade LED Blue Light is designed to activate the whitening properties within the gel, and will turn off after 10 minutes. Relax or do other things while your AutoBrush® works it’s whitening magic! Spit and rinse once done.

*Results are typically seen within 3 days but recommended to repeat for 10 days daily for optimal results!

For optimal results: We recommend brushing your teeth before whitening them. For best results, whiten your teeth at night before going to bed.

Tips: This Whitening Pen can also be used on-the-go without the AutoBrush® body for whitening anytime and anywhere. Just apply to your teeth and leave for 10-30 min. When done, spit and rinse with water.

*Learn more about our kit and AutoBrush®'s automatic teeth whitening abilities here

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