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How do I use the AutoBrush for Kids V3 to Brush?

Updated 9 months ago by Atul Shastry

Step 1:

 Attach 1 Brush Head to an animal friend. Brush Head sizes vary between ages 3-7 and 8+ upon purchase. Run our yummy tasting and fun to use Kids Foaming Toothpaste along top and bottom of Brush Head from one end to the other and insert in your child’s mouth. Have your child bite down so silicone bristles wrap around all teeth - up, down and all around!

Step 2: 

Your child can press the button on the front face of the battery capsule to start the fun! Their animal friend will light up and play a lively safari tune, automatically vibrating to brush all teeth and gums simultaneously (button can be pressed again to use without music).

Step 3: 

For a deeper clean, your child can grip and move (wiggle) the AutoBrushfrom left to right while letting AutoBrush for Kids work its magic for at least 30 seconds.

The Red light has no other functionality other than to add some extra fun to your child's brushing experience and keep the dance party going!

Step 4: Your child can wait for their brushing session to end automatically, or hold the power button to end it prematurely. Have your child remove the Brush Head from their mouth, spit and rinse once done. The antibacterial, silicone Brush Head is easily rinsed with little water.

Remember that no toothbrush replaces flossing. We at AutoBrush recommend flossing daily for a full clean and to reach in between the teeth. Get one of our kids eco-friendly dental flossers and Tongue Scraper attachment for a full clean (sold separately)!

You can watch this short video below for more info!

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