How do I clean my nylon brush head?

Updated 2 years ago by Christopher Lander

Having a clean toothbrush is important and allows for the most optimal cleaning experience. Here are a few ways to ensure your AutoBrush nylon brush head remains clean after each use:

  1. Using Hot Water: Running hot water through the bristles of your brush head before and after each use will ensure that you're killing bacteria at the surface of your brush after each use. This will allow any bacteria that accumulates prior to brushing and after brushing to be neutralized. The water should be hot enough to nearly produce steam
  2. Soaking in Mouthwash: The same mouthwash that you use clean your mouth can be used to disinfect your brush head! Mouthwashes often contain antibacterial ingredients that can help neutralize the bacteria on your brush. We recommend soaking your brush head (bristle side down) in mouthwash for 2 minutes after each use. Keep in mind that this method may wear down your toothbrush faster since the ingredients in mouthwash tend to be harsher and cause the bristles to break down faster
  3. UV Sanitization: UV Sanitization is a great, but sometimes costly, way to ensure your toothbrushes are bacteria free. Keep in mind that it's not required to run your brushes under UV light to sanitize them. Any of the other methods presented in this article can help with that too!

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