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How does Teeth Whitening Gel work?

Updated 2 months ago by Marlou Quilicol

The key ingredient is the use of hydrogen peroxide, or a close derivative called carbamide peroxide, in the formula. It's a common ingredient in whitening gels.

OK, now for some science-y stuff: when hydrogen peroxide is exposed to higher temperatures and ultraviolet light (UV), or applied on teeth, it breaks down into free radicals that break apart the staining molecules on your teeth, removing the yellowing layer.

This is also why normal hydrogen peroxide (for cleaning wounds) is sold in a dark (brown) bottle - to prevent the sun from penetrating, and the instructions say to store in a cool place.

A good quality teeth whitening gel will be fresh (so it has not had time to break down from environmental elements) and is sold in packaging that does not allow light to penetrate.

In the case of AutoBrush, each teeth whitening gel pen is packaged in its own box. This eliminates the gel’s interaction with UV light and outside elements.

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