How do I know when to flip the AutoBrush around?

Updated 2 years ago by Christopher Lander

At AutoBrush, we recommend using the cycle for 30 seconds to achieve your desired cleaning experience results. However, we've manufactured our toothbrush to also operate for 60 and 90 seconds, for a deeper cleaning experience. With our newest nylon brush-head, it is single-sided and needs to be flipped over halfway through each cycle.

When using the brush, we recommend using a sweeping motion (left to right) for optimal cleaning results. Below are a few tips on how to get the most out of your AutoBrush:

  • Start brushing the top teeth and use a gentle sweeping motion (left to right) during the cycle
  • Once the 30 second cycle is through, flip the brush over to brush the bottom teeth using the same sweeping motion for the remainder of the cleaning cycle
  • Once the cycle is complete, rinse your mouth with water and use water to clean the brush head to remove any excess debris

Check out this video to learn how to use your AutoBrush Pro

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