I'm 12 years old (or below), can I use the Adult AutoBrush?

Yes! Although we generally recommend our Adult AutoBrush size for kids at least 13 years old, that's only because it's the average age that a person's mouth can perfectly fit the adult brush head. We know that growth is different for each person, so to be more accurate, we recommend using a dental floss measure the size of the mouth/teeth.

Here is the size of both the medium and adult for comparison:


Measures 59.1 mm wide, 48.5 mm deep, and 24.4 mm high.

In Inches: 2.3 inches wide, 1.9 inches deep, and 1 inch high .


Measures 62.0 mm wide, 50.8 mm deep, and 26.2 mm high.

In Inches: 2.44 inches wide, 2 inches deep, and 1.03 inch high .

All our brush heads are interchangeable. You can get the adult size AutoBrush and then pair it with a medium size brush head.

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