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What does the AutoBrush 4 Offer?

Updated 1 month ago by Marlou Quilicol

Our AutoBrush 4 offers tons of new features which sets it apart from other electric toothbrushes as well as previous iterations of our AutoBrush including:

  1. Improved teeth whitening feature with an improved and more comfortable whitening tray (for AutoBrush for Adults)
  2. New therapeutic red light to promote and maintain optimal gum health
  3. 3 new cleaning modes: Care Mode, Deep Cleaning Mode and Massage Mode
  4. Additional Timer Modes for Deeper Clean Sessions
  5. Increased sonic vibrations per minute from 24.000 vibrations per minute to 30.000 vibrations per minute
  6. New unique design and shape of product for optimal ergonomic fit in your hand
  7. New and improved brush heads with thicker silicone bristles with newly released sizes
  8. New charging station for improved contact with our AutoBrush as well as more efficient charging

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