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How does the Therapeutic Red LED brush work?

Updated 1 year ago by Marlou Quilicol

Our lights are completely safe! We use dental-grade Red LED light

LED Red light therapy causes various parts of the tooth and gum to regenerate whilst reducing the number of harmful bacteria. It disperses doses of low-level red light at particular wavelengths to improve blood flow, encourage cellular turnover, increase circulation and repair damaged tissue. This low-level light source does not lose energy as heat. Instead, the energy from the absorbed protons is transferred directly to the area being treated, triggering a change in the make-up of the cells.

Our Therapeutic LED brush improves and maintains optimal gum health. Studies show that red light waves promote soft tissue healing and reduction of inflamed and receding gums. The Blue and Red LED Lights are perfectly safe and can also be combined to whiten teeth and heal gums at the same time for your convenience. Here are some of the benefits of our Red Light LEDs:

  1. Helps improve blood circulation and regenerate teeth dentin
  2. Facilitates the regeneration of dentin, reducing issues related to sensitivity

Over 75% of Americans age 35+ suffer from periodontal disease. Millions of adults struggle through inflammation, bleeding, and most seriously, receding gums. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize they’re experiencing gum recession until the condition has progressed to the advanced stages. Receding gums have two common causes: inflammation and physical wear caused by hard bristles and/or vigorous tooth brushing.

It’s true; many adults think they’re achieving a deeper clean, but over-brushing is the leading cause of receding gums, even when dental hygiene is otherwise intact. Recent surveys reveal that 88% of people age 65+ and 50% of people age 18-64 have one or more recession sites. Receding gums become a health concern when the root of the tooth is exposed, increasing the risks for decay, infection, or loss.

Studies show that red light waves promote soft tissue healing, reduce inflammation, and reverse receding gums. LED red light therapy is one of the most efficient treatments to improve blood circulation, stimulate cellular turnover, and repair damaged tissue. This treatment regenerates your gums while fighting harmful bacteria.

Our innovative LED red light therapy helps you improve and maintain optimal gum health. It’s a perfect solution for people with sensitive, inflamed, or receding gums. You can use our LED red light therapy while you brush or with our separate 10-minute therapy setting for the most efficient results.

You can review the following links below to learn more about the science of Red Light Therapy:

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