How do I track my UPS Package

Updated 2 years ago by Atul Shastry

UPS will track your package from beginning to end. Depending on the shipping method used, however, UPS may hand over your package to USPS mid-transit for final mile delivery. If you see the package has been handed over to the local carrier, please copy and paste your tracking number to the USPS website. If the number is showing as invalid, check back at the bottom of your UPS link and look for a longer number.


UPS will ship your package to the destination country, then it will be handed over to your country’s local carrier. There will be no new tracking number for your local carrier, and they may not recognize the UPS number provided. This does not mean that your package is untraceable - UPS will continue to update it at important checkpoints, and will indicate when it’s been delivered.

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