How frequently do I need to replace the nylon brush head?

Updated 1 year ago by Christopher Lander

We recommend replacing your nylon brush head every 2 months. While traditional toothbrushes may be replaced every 3 months, u-shaped toothbrush bristles endure more pressure as they clean every surface of your teeth at once. They work hard, so you don’t have to! 

  • Frayed Bristles: Frayed bristles occur after normal wear-and-tear or excessive biting and are a telltale sign that your nylon brush head needs to be replaced. Frayed bristles are not effective at cleaning teeth. 
  • Your Teeth Feel Fuzzy: Fuzzy teeth are an indication that there is still bacteria or plaque on your teeth even after brushing. Clean teeth should have a smooth, squeaky clean feeling.
  • Bad Breath: If you experience unpleasant or sour breath even after brushing, your toothbrush may have a buildup of bad bacteria and should be replaced. If the problem consists even after replacing your brush head, consult your dentist.

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