Can kids below 3 years old use AutoBrush?

According to dental experts, a child can start using an electric toothbrush at age 2 years old—but WITH supervision, of course. Many of the families introduce electric toothbrushes between the ages of six and eight. Some can certainly do it earlier—just don’t force it, as any negative experiences with brushing could leave lasting negative impressions. Although we recommend our Autobrush for kids at least 3 years old, we've heard good responses from parents who bought Autobrush for their kids below 3 years of age

Unlike kids who are a little older, some kids might need more convincing for them to be interested in using the AutoBrush.

We recommend additional supervision when introducing AutoBrush to kids below age 3

Here are our top tips to introduce AutoBrush to your kids

  1. Introduce them the Autobrush for Kids just like you're introducing a new toy - Start by letting touch and explore the product.
  2. Introduce them the Autobrush with ENERGY, EXCITEMENT, and ENTHUSIASM - Genuinely be excited with the idea of what you are offering and get behind the idea that it's totally okay if your child says “No”. That only means your child needs more time.
  3. Let them see videos of other kids using - One study shows that kids are attracted to things other kids use and play with. Watching videos of other kids do things like playing with toys, opening presents, singing, and dancing activates the reward component of your child's brain and gives them the excitement just like they're opening a present themselves. It's easier to make them do things if they're excited about it.
  4. Be Patient and continue to Encourage them, and implement a reward system - Each child has strengths in different areas, and learns at their own unique pace. It's important that we're patient with them and always be there to support and encourage them. Study shows that implementing a reward system for your kids contributes to their progress greatly. A reward can be a praise, a Hi-5, candy, toy, puzzle, or reading the books that they like, etc

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